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What is the mission of Ecosystem innovative?

Ecosystem innovative’s goal is to become the leader in the field of Super Food in liquid form in B to B. Our patented technologies allow us to present a range of innovative products, unrivalled on the market, which are designed to enhance culinary recipes and cocktails.

What is the origin of Ecosystem Innovative?

Ecosystem Innovative is a spin-off of the French laboratory Ecosystem. The Ecosystem’s laboratory is specialised in the creation of innovative food products in liquid form. The Ecosystem laboratory is at the origin of a whole range of patented natural extracts which are considered as major innovations at the international level.

What are our references?

The Ecosystem’s laboratory was created 32 years ago. Since its creation it has been awarded many times: Eurisko d’or, gold medal at the innova Brussel exhibition, 2 times bronze medal at the Geneva world exhibition of inventions…

How does Ecosystem Innovative control its production?

Ecosystem Innovative controls all its production in-house at its Patay site located 100 km south of Paris. Our 2500 m2 production site is equipped with the latest technology and our production capacity allows us to meet the most important demands and to deliver worldwide. All our products are Made In France and designed with carefully selected raw materials of natural origin.

In which countries do we market our products?

Ecosystem has been working internationally for several decades and has offices in the Indian Ocean, Africa and the Caribbean.

How to order our products?

To order Ecosystem Innovative products, you must contact us at the following e-mail address: contact@ecosystem.fr and send us your request (products and quantity) by e-mail. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible by e-mail or by phone and to give you all the necessary informations.

What are the strengths of our products?

Our products are remarkable in terms of their organoleptic qualities, they are very pleasant to consume and their colours allow you to make innovative and attractive culinary creations which allow you to impose yourself on your market and to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Extra information

Our spirulina extract in liquid form allows you to create beautiful blue compositions. It contains phycocyanine, which is the only natural blue dye that can be used in food.