Ecosystem Innovative is a French company that manufactures its products in the Centre Region, in Patay, Loiret. All of its products are therefore «Made in France». Ecosystem Innovative has always wanted to provide innovative and eco-friendly products. The teams in charge of selecting raw materials carefully, study several criteria before choosing an ingredient that will be used in the composition of one of its products: the proximity of the supplier, the raw quality of the raw material and the respect of nature in the process of gathering or manufacturing this resource. Thanks to this work upstream of our production team, Ecosystem Innovative is able to offer «natural» products that are good for the wellness of consumers.

About US


Ecosystem Innovative is a subsidiary creating during the year 2021. The Goal of this new company is to innovate and create breakthrough innovation and create new products permanently, allowing you to seasoning your meals or prepare delicious cocktails. Ecosystem innovative is a subsidiary company of Ecosystem Laboratoire. The Laboratory exist since 1989. They have been fighting to rediscover as many of the benefits of natural products. And it’s not easy! Faced with the chemical lobby that dictates its law, it is very difficult to make their voices heard. An example, the Administration prohibits saying that products are GMO-free, while Conversely, manufacturers who produce foods containing GMOs are not required to report it.
Because they cannot really communicate about their products’ qualities, they have chosen to invest in their quality.

Why work with us?



Anchored values

Ecosystem has always maintained unique values, which have guided it throughout its development and which have enabled it to evolve very quickly in the field of health and well-being.

Unique formulas

Our research team has put in place unique processes in the field of extraction, to achieve the quality of the natural products of the old generations.

Nature in action

Ecosystem has assembled for you a set of natural ingredients to design products 100% natural and made from vegetable materials.


Our company is in permanently research of new technics and products. In our range of products 4 of them are patented by us, it is a proof of quality and innovation!